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Uighers Press Release

Office of the President

On the status of the Uighers from the Office of the President, Republic of Palau.
The Capitol, Republic of Palau. The Government of the Republic of Palau stands firm on its commitment to accept the temporary resettlement of the Uighers in Palau from Guantanamo Detention Facility and is presently waiting for the United States Government to advise them on the number and identity of the Uighers who have agreed to be temporarily resettled in Palau and the date of their arrival.

Johnson Toribiong


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2009 Household Income Census

Attached is a Power Point Presentation of the 2009 Household Income Census.

Below is the results of the Census

“Table 1. Number of Households by State, Palauans”
State # of Households
Aimeliik 70
Airai 491
Angaur 51
Hatohobei 14
Kayangel 31
Koror ” 2,116 ”
Melekeok 72
Ngaraard 101
Ngardmau 60
Ngatpang 50
Ngchesar 82
Ngerchelong 83
Ngeremlengui 82
Ngiwal 63
Peleliu 143
Sonsorol 19
Total ” 3,528 ”
Source: 2009 Household Income Survey

“Table 2. Average Household size by State, Palauans”
State # of Households
Aimeliik 4.2
Airai 4.0
Angaur 2.9
Hatohobei 1.1
Kayangel 3.0
Koror 4.1
Melekeok 4.2
Ngaraard 4.1
Ngardmau 3.7
Ngatpang 5.0
Ngchesar 3.5
Ngerchelong 3.8
Ngeremlengui 4.1
Ngiwal 4.5
Peleliu 3.4
Sonsorol 2.6
Total 4.0
Source: 2009 Household Income Survey

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Taxi Area

As you are well aware, the tourism industry has become known as our “bread and butter industry”. As such, it is the government’s responsibility to take the necessary measures to enhance, develop and improve government services in an effort to assist the private sector in the growth of this industry.

One of the most important sectors of this industry that I feel has been ignored over the years is the taxi service sector. I am informed that efforts by business in this sector have lobbied numerous government officials over the years to no avail for the designation of taxi waiting areas in front of the International Airport in Airai and the Belau National Museum in Ngerbeched, Koror State.

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